Обновление Spin Tires 19.12.2015

Кратко об обновлении:
-Куча исправлений ошибок и проблем.
-Теперь можно играть на пользовательских картах по мультиплееру! (Редактор карт будет доступен позже, после исправления проблем).
-Прочие изменение по редактору грузовиков.
-Исправления автозума для камеры во время игры на руле/контроллере.
-Поддержка WinXp x32.
-Грязь стала жёстче и вязче.
-Легковые автомобили получили более реалистичную физику.

Полная информация об обновлении на английском:

"Good day off roaders,

I am sure you have all realised that the last update was at the beginning of November - but with a lot of work being carried out and it being spent between ironing out more bugs on the update, fixing the truck editor and developing the map editor, it has been a challenge. Well, at this point, we are testing the map editor and it will be made available once some errors and bugs are removed as it seems to crash and spark error messages regularly. I know a lot of you will be saying "I don't care, just give me the map editor" - but then it is down to us to gather all of the bugs posted by everyone, syphoning through a lot of posts saying the same thing and then it all has to be posted on our bug tracking facility. Some of you may think that would be great, but it is not justifiable for us, especially with our own testers posting on our bug tracking facility also.

While we are on the subject of the editor, despite everyone having seen it already, I will officially announce it here - the truck editor is officially available to the owners of Spintires.

I see so many of your are enjoying the workshop element now included in the game - we are quite impressed with some of the creations that are being uploaded. We are currently looking to create a 'certified scheme' which will allow mods that really draw our attention to become certified by us - new players will be able to see which mods are the full package and are finished at a high quality. This will also give us the chance to engage more with our customers on the modding side, as they will see that we are taking a great interest in what hard work they have been putting in.

Here, today - I give to you the changelog for the latest update:

- dont allow user maps for lobbies with "active achievements"
- minor map fixes
- game can load user maps (with disabled achievements) - MP included
- CRC check added to make sure map versions are the same in MP
- maps backwards compatibility, and more mods backwards compatibility (mod/map updates dont break savegames)
- some sounds, visuals tuning
- bugfixes (logs dropping off trucks, inability to continue saved games with some mods)
- check changes in Media.xml when deciding to disable achievements/MP (fix exploits)
- mud made stiffer
- important physics fix (light vehicles now behave correctly with addons, but affect heavy vehicles too)
- fix lua errors preventing some mods from working properly
- EDITOR: fixed bugs related to publishing mods
- EDITOR: creating maps now support (with no workshop support yet)
- EDITOR: change texture formats - performance improvements (and some other bugfixes/improvements)
- crashfix (workshop related)
- dont continue game until mods are updated (otherwise savegame gets broken)
- minor visual improvements
- game support loading of user maps
- more improvements to suspension damage system
- new damage visuals
- new damage effect: oil spilling off
- new assets: zil131 utility, gaz66 small utility trailer (works for zils too), short-short logs for zil130
- greatly improved IK controls (crane now wont go down by itself when rotating)
- bugfix: huge initial damage received when switching to truck (gamestopper)
- bugfix: when hitting truck with other truck, which in turn hits third truck -> intercollision happens, then results in huge dmage and physics destabilisation (gamestopper)
- bugfix: incorrect number of short logs spawning when unpacking short logs
- new water-flows-off-truck visual effect
- more mud-wheel physics improvements
- long mod names UI dialog cropped
- mud decals visual improved (no mirror mapping)
- lobby game starting with no trucks selected for the map
- more perfomance optimisation for trucks in mud
- winch ropes goes white at times (visual bug)
- rope in "pull" state now fits terrain (doesnt intersect it) - visuals
- driving dynamics improved (uaz most of all)
- further damage system improvements
- more visual effects improvements
- beacons now required to install some trailers
- markers rays removed (was annoying)
- RU localisation fixes
- coop achievements work correctly
- cloaking synced correctly in MP
- more damage calculation fixes/improvements
- xbox360 controller keys remapped
- more minor visual effects tweaks
- minor UI fixes
- fullscreen crashfix
- shadercache optimisation
- fix: optimised particles should not recieve shadows
- waterwave visuals update
- wheel mud bursts visuals update
- improved damage system - suspension damage is now also detected
- winXP 32bit fix
- shaders removed from retail build"
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